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Accelerated Software Development Build Great Software – Fast

Accelerated Software Development is Surround's overarching strategy for developing software faster and better.

Charter Global Accelerated Software Development Strategy solves the biggest problem plaguing enterprise software development – software change. It is a comprehensive software development strategy that substantially accelerates the creation, modernization, delivery, and maintenance of high-quality state-of-the-art software for companies of all sizes and industries.

Whether building new software, adding new functionality to existing software, or modernizing legacy applications, with Software Development your developers can develop faster, with better results, and more functionality. They'll build the software you need at a cost that makes sense and, in the time, the frame needed, delivering the software your employees, customers, business partners, and vendors will love.

There are 6 key factors that impact how successful a software development project will be, if at all.

Risk: Success for any project is dependent on effective management of risks, both early on and throughout the project's lifespan. Identifying, quantifying, addressing, and monitoring risk is crucial to project success.

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