Accelerated Software Development Build Great Software – Fast

Accelerated Software Development is Surround's overarching strategy for developing software faster and better.

Charter Global Accelerated Software Development Strategy solves the biggest problem plaguing enterprise software development – software change. It is a comprehensive software development strategy that substantially accelerates the creation, modernization, delivery, and maintenance of high-quality state-of-the-art software for companies of all sizes and industries.

Whether building new software, adding new functionality to existing software, or modernizing legacy applications, with Software Development your developers can develop faster, with better results, and more functionality. They'll build the software you need at a cost that makes sense and, in the time, the frame needed, delivering the software your employees, customers, business partners, and vendors will love.

There are 6 key factors that impact how successful a software development project will be, if at all.

Risk: Success for any project is dependent on effective management of risks, both early on and throughout the project's lifespan. Identifying, quantifying, addressing, and monitoring risk is crucial to project success.

Schedule: Project time frames may have varying degrees of impact on the expected return on investment. Some projects may have very hard deadlines with direct implications on costs and opportunities to capture the return, while others have soft flexible deadlines. Whether hard or soft, missing deadlines will increase risks, break budgets, require more resources, reduce quality, and drop functionality. It is critically important these deadlines are realistic and well understood by the team.

Budget: Cost parameters directly influence the expected return on investment. Budgets should not be arbitrary or unreasonable but should be as quantifiable as possible and encompass all aspects of the project that can have a monetary component. Thorough planning upfront assures that the budget is credible and leads to a successful project.

Resources: Determining and finding the necessary resources including time, money, skills, tools, and equipment can often be daunting, yet absolutely essential to a project’s success.

Quality: The quality, or degree of excellence, of the software, will be the final test for getting the expected return. More than simply bug-free code, quality is about delivering on the defined scope and expectations of the project. Quality covers many areas of the software, such as usability, robustness, utility, beauty, security, performance, reliability, maintainability, and so much more. It is important to identify and define what level of quality is necessary to deliver the expected return and what that cost will be.

Scope: Encompasses the business, functional, technical, and other elements that make up the project deliverables. The better these are defined, the lower the risk, and the more realistic the budget and schedule can be made, offering a higher likelihood of project success.

How Accelerated Software Development Helps?

Charter Global created Accelerated Software Development and first defined it as anything that reduces effort, duration, or investment without reducing quality or scope. This remains our company's internal definition today.

However, as we further defined what this meant, it was clear that our definition of quality and functionality (scope) far exceeded that of most of our customers, to their general delight. So, for our customers, Accelerated Software Development is defined as developing faster with better results and more functionality or, shortened as simply Faster, Better, More.

Accelerated Software Development provides strategies to address various business technology needs along with defined processes to execute those strategies, guidance on best practices, and a set of tools to facilitate it all. In addition, Surround can provide people to train, mentor, manage, lead, and develop. It really is all as good as it sounds.

The Accelerator Development solutions are a big part of the strategies as they provide core architecture, productive user experience, and development accelerators.

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